The simplest work organiser for freelancers.

A single view, web-based app that allows you to manage your work, generate invoices and set reminders.

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We like to keep things simple.

We're a small business, just the two of us, and we couldn't find the right tool to help manage our work. Services we found were too complicated, or too expensive or just not right for a small business. So we came up with Workpad, a super simple tool to help us keep on top of our business.

Single Page

Single page layout

Workpad gives you a single-page view of all your work. As a job progresses it can be moved between intuitively named columns by dragging and dropping with your mouse or finger. The columns signify stages of a job, from a new lead you picked-up last night to a fully invoiced and paid client.

Create new jobs with a single click. Click again to change details, set reminders or generate invoices. Hit the big ‘Totals’ button at the bottom and you get instant calculations of all your jobs. Smart.

Create invoices easily Create invoices easily

Create invoices easily

Workpad creates professional invoices with a single click. Fill out your business details when you register with Workpad, your client details when you create a job and both will automatically be added to an invoice. It literally couldn’t be easier.

You can also access your invoices from your desktop or smartphone anytime, set reminders to chase payments and even be notified when a client has read an invoice email.

Access your work anywhere

Manage your work anywhere

Workpad lives on the Internet. It lets you manage your business anywhere you have a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the web. No downloads, no updates, just log in and get on with it. Pretty handy if you need to send an invoice when you’re on the move or remember a lead you made in the pub last night.

Launching late 2016

We're almost ready to launch Workpad beta version. What’s a “beta version” you ask? Basically, we're perfectionists and want to make sure Workpad is the best it can be. So, we’re releasing it to a limited number of people initially to help us make it even better. To say thanks to those early believers, there will be a big subscription discount for the first year.

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